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Stefano in brief

Stefano Giorgini Stefano Giorgini brings together an international feel to Pop / Rock with a set of energetic and melodic pieces which evoke and inspire a positive feeling to life. Engaging young lovers of music worldwide Stefano Giorgini emerges with an impressive original sound.

International performances across:

US, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia And South Africa..

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The New EP The Morning After - Available on iTunes
The New Single Text Message is on iTunes

Stefano Giorgini’s New EP ‘The Morning After’ Available Now Worldwide!

Stefano Giorgini’s great New EP ‘The Morning After’ available now worldwide!
Produced by Warren Huart | Record Producer.
Featuring Philip Allen, Warren Huart, Sam Martin, Jake Gable, Matt Emonson and
Nico Grossfeld! Mastered by the one and only Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering.
Recorded at Spitfire Studio in Laurel Canyon.
Released Under Spitfire Music Group.
Check it out on iTunes!
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The Morning After Music Video Update

I’m stoked, Dubai will be the location for my next Music Video! It’s gonna be Awesome!

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